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Introducing Trinidad Black Cake, a delectable Caribbean Rum Fruit Cake that will tantalize your taste buds. Made with the finest ingredients, our cakes are a true delight for cake enthusiasts.


We meticulously craft our cakes with a unique blend of dried fruits, including succulent prunes, dates, currants, cherries, raisins, and mixed peel. These luscious fruits are then minced and soaked in a delightful concoction of rum, fruit wine, and aromatic spices. The result is a cake that bursts with flavor and boasts an irresistibly moist texture.


To ensure the ultimate freshness and longevity, each Trinidad Black Cake is carefully packaged in a sealed metal tin. This packaging not only preserves the cake's exquisite taste but also grants it a shelf life of up to 6 months. So whether you indulge in it immediately or save it for a special occasion, this cake promises a delightful experience every time.

Trinidad Black Cake

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Trinidad Fruit Cake
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  • Whether you're a fan of Caribbean cuisine or simply love indulging in heavenly desserts, Trinidad Black Cake is a must-try. Order your tin of this delightful treat today and experience the rich flavors that will transport you straight to the vibrant Caribbean streets.

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